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Wan Chai- Wan Chai is known for its fabulous shopping and raunchy nightlife. It also holds an array of important historical and modern buildings, which play an important role in the life of Hong Kong.
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Wan Chai

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Wan Chai
Wan Chai is identified in tourist circles for its two specialities, shopping and nightlife. The bustling commercial centre, located in the vicinity of the Central District, offers not only astonishing range of shopping but also fun-filled nightlife. Besides, it also holds several impressive old and modern buildings.

Travel tourism attractions in Wan Chai are as under:

Streets of Hong Kong offer stupendous range of shopping. Galaxy of shopping malls provide all that a high-end visitor needs. Wan Chai Street Market is curious mixture of modern and conventional items. The locals find the market useful to purchase household goods. One can hit Chinese furniture shops to purchase useful and fancy wooden items. Clothes can be picked at very competitive prices from the Spring Garden Lane. The area is also suited for buying computer hardware and applications.

Number of bars and clubs are located in Wan Chai. Late night parties are a trend in the locality. Tourists and locals love to join the party in the clubs and bars. Neon lights illuminate the nightlife, when people are busy in filling their lives with fun. Wan Chai becomes rowdy at nights, brimming with great fun.

Monuments and Buildings
Old and modern buildings exist side by side in Wanchai. Old buildings are the specimens of the British and Chinese influence while modern buildings show us the facet of modern Hongkong. Some prominent Wan Chai buildings are Bauhinia Square, Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center and the Museum. It was the Hongkong Convention & Exhibition Center where the ceremony marking Hong Kong's return to China in 1997 was held.

Central Plaza and Times Square are the most noted modern buildings.