Hong Kong
Hong Kong Travel Tips - Bit of knowledge about the country one intends to visit makes the journey much more comfortable. These general tourism tips and advice would come very handy when visiting Hong Kong, the tourist hub of Asia.
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Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Travel Tips

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Hong Kong
Travelling in a completely unknown place can become a traumatic experience. However, few travel tips can greatly help. Here is some travel advice for a tour of Hongkong. One would find this travel and tourism information and tips very handy.

Climate Tips
» Hongkong has four seasons in a year. So one can enjoy different seasons in different times of the year.
» Winter occurs from mid December until February. Temperatures can plunge to as low as 6 degrees.
» Spring runs from March to mid May and temperatures range from 18-27 degrees. A light jacket or sweter would be nice, particularly for the evenings. Atmosphere heats up and humidity soars.
» Autumn runs from September to December and it is a lovely time. Humidity and temperature level come down.

Clothing Tips
» Sometimes a humid subtropical subdues the country without warning. It would be proper to bring with you light jackets in case it gets too hot and humid for a coat.
» In spring and summer seasons, light clothing would be sufficient. Shirtslleves would be nice during autumn.
» Restaurants tend to blast air-conditioners. So it advisable to go there with long sleeves. Sudden migration to very cold conditions from hot and humid atmosphere can be detrimental for your health.

Language Tips
» Chinese and English are the official languages in Hong Kong.
» Many people in Hongkong do speak English well, but there are many who do not. Many restaurants can have their menus only in Chinese.
» It is advisable that you ask your hotel to write your destination address in Chinese, apart from English, as it would come handy.

Hotels & Bookings Tips
» Hong Kong hotels are normally full for April and October due to expositions and conventions.
» Hotel prices display upward graph on weekends. It is advisable to make reservations at least one week in advance to avoid disappointment.

Documents Tips
» Hong Kong citizens and travelers are required to carry an identification document with them.

Smoking Tips
» Normally, Hongkong has no problem with smoking. However, it is forbidden in public vehicles and certain public places.