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Travellers Helpdesk - Get all necessary travel related help and information about Hong Kong like transport, travel tips, money, visa rules and travel agents.
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Hong Kong
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Anyone travelling to a country needs to know about its transport, money, visa rules and travel agents. All this information comes handy when travelling in an alien land. Have all necessary information about Hong Kong, one of the most visited places in Asian continent.

Get informed about money matters in Hong Kong. Know about all topics related to money such as currency, exchange of money, use of credit cards, etc.

Travel Agents
Learn about the rules governing travel agents in Hong Kong. Get some tips about dealing with travel agents in Hong Kong as well as the process of lodging complaints.

Get information about transport facilities available in Hong Kong. Know various means for reaching Hong Kong like air services, trains, steamers and ferries. Also learn about road transport and waterways.

Travel Tips
Useful travel tips for the tour of Hong Kong would come very handy. Get advice about climate, clothing, language, hotels, bookings, documents etc and make your experience in Hong Kong more comfortable.

Visa Rules
Know about various legal requirements related to Hongkong visa rules and regulations. Get informed about visa and passport rules, Hong Kong travel pass, how to enter mainland China and other necessary information.