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Hong Kong Street Markets - Street markets in Hong Kong bring utmost pleasure to the bargain shoppers. Experience here is totally different from the mall variety.
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Hong Kong Street Markets

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Hong Kong Street Markets
Street markets of Hong Kong are filled with several shopping services. Almost all kinds of goods can be found in the shops lining the streets. These street markets are bargain galore and bring great entertainment to the people who are fond of bargain shopping.

Prominent street markets of Hong Kong are given as under:

Stanley Market
Not miss Stanley Market when you are in Hong Kong. You would enjoy even the bus ride to the place. Western style clothes, specially of silk, would be available in the market. Articles like Chinese artwork, costume jewellery, sportswear and souvenirs are also available here.

Temple Street
Temple Street in Kowloon is known for cheap merchandise and food items. The alley is also called Men's Street as items of Men's fashion are also solk here. The best time to visit the market is dusk. Gents items like t-shirts, jeans, trousers, shoes, lighters, etc are kept in the stalls. With these are available cheap second hand goods like cassettes, video tapes, antiques and old newspapers.

Wan Chai Street Market
Located to south of the Wan Chai Station, Wan Chai Street Market is curious mixture of modern and conventional items. The market is specially visited by the locals who shop for household goods, available here at cheap prices, when compared to the departmental stores and regular shops.

Jade Market
Jade Market, as the name suggests, has stall dealing in jade items. The market is located at the intersection of Kansu and Battery streets. Jade items of every possible form can be purchased here. However, if one is not an expert in dealing with these type of items, one should one is advised to take a specialist with him.

Night Market
Located in vicinity of Shanghai Street is a market that becomes lively after dusk. Apart from having several stalls, which deal in variety of goods, the Market also has open-air restaurants, serving delicious seafood. Palmists and fortune-tellers also sit here, and tell about your destiny.

Ladies' Market
Located at Tung Choi Street on the east of Nathan Road, Ladies' Market, as the name tells, deals in women's clothing, accessories, cosmetics, etc. Ladies fond of bargaining to get their goods would find the Market interesting in particular. Food stalls serving noodles and seafood also abound in the area.

Bird Market
Located in neighborhood of Nathan Road, the Bird Market presents before the visitors hundreds of songbirds in polished cages. Best way to reach this market is through Prince Edward MTR Station.