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Song Dynasty Town - Song Dynasty Town in Kowloon is the recreation of Song capital, showcasing rich cultural society of China during the Song period. Many questions about the Song period are answered here.
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Song Dynasty Town

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An event in Song Dynasty Town
Song Dynasty Town, located in Kowloon of Hong Kong, is a replica of the Song capital. It provides the tourists unique opportunity to have a glimpse of China of yesteryears. The exciting tour gives information about the ahievements of ancient Chinese civilisation.

The Tour
The temples and residences of Song dynasty have been restructured. Ambling on cobblestone alleys, one can see various types of urban structures. It would be no exxageration to call the town a living museum. Song style has been followed to reconstruct the city. Even the residents are dressed in Song costumes. One can see various aspects of Song lifestyle in this Hongkong town.

Song Dynasty
Song Dynasty ruled China from 960 to 1279AD. Its reign is noted for the development of art, literature and philosophy. Several centers of trade, industry, and maritime commerce evolved during Song period. Paper money became popular and unified tax system was established. Song also refined many developments of the previous centuries.