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Po Lin Monastery - Most famous Buddhist monastery in Hong Kong holds the tallest outdoor Buddha idol on the planet. Highly regarded by the followers of the faith, the monastery also offers ambrosial cuisine.
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Po Lin Monastery

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An idol in Po Lin Monastery
Po Lin Monastery, which literally translates as 'Precious Lotus' is the most renowned Buddhist monastery in Hong Kong. It holds collosal copper idol of Sakyamuni or Tian Tan Buddha, which is regarded as the tallest outdoor Buddha statue in the world.

Past & Present
Originally built by three monks visiting from Jiangsu in 1906, the monastery was initially called 'The Big Hut'. That time it was only a shrine. Gradually, many monks settled there and it was renamed 'Po Lin Monastery'. It expanded further in the decade of 1930. Additional larger halls and temple were added to the monastery. Continuously growing with time, it became one of the top monasteries in Hong Kong.

The Buddha Statue
Huge copper idol of Sakyamuni or Tian Tan Buddha is the largest outdoor Buddha statue in the world. Completed in 1993, the idol, its pedestal included is about 111 feet tall. The idol depicts a seated Buddha in meditating position.

Meal in Monastery
Mouth-watering Chinese dishes are offered at the monastery, which any visitor can enjoy. However, consuming of meat and alcohol is forbidden in the monastery.

The monastery is located on Lantau island, which is the largest outlying island in Hong Kong.