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Hong Kong Ocean Park- Ocean Park, providing out-of-world experience, is extremely popular among the tourists. The Park give the visitors a glimpse of the life inside the ocean which the people find very very interesting.
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Hong Kong Ocean Park

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Ocean Park
Ocean Park, the largest oceanarium in the world, is the foremost tourist attraction in South Hong Kong. The Park was launched long before in 1977 with the investment of HK$150 million. The Park spreads on approximate 170 acres. A cable-car bridge links the two sections of the Park.

Tourist attractions within the Ocean Park are as under:

Ocean Theatre & Wave Cove
Ocean Theatre, a part of the Park, has a pool large enough to hold giant sea creatures like dolphins and killer whales. Wave Cove, located near it, is like a rocky coastline. It has a wave-machine which can produce waves up to one meter high. Creatures like dolphins, seals, penguins, sea lions and many kinds of sea birds can be seen playing in the Cove.

Atoll Reef
Atoll Reef, the largest aquarium in the world, is the home of thousands of sea creatures. Star attraction in the amusement park is The Dragon, one of the world's longest roller coasters.

Film Fantasia & Ancient World
Film Fantasia is a high-tech theatre having 100 hydraulic seats. The theatre can give one the feel of space adventure. Ancient World has amazing special effects like spectacular sounds, artificial weather, interactive displays and unique lighting.

Games & Kid's World
Thrilling games like Dragon and Abyss Turbo Drop provide utmost entertainment to the guests. Kid's World is just for keeping your child busy. And there is Butterfly House, as well as a huge outdoor escalator.