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Nightlife in Hong Kong - Hong Kong has carved its own niche as a nightlife and entertainment destination. The place wears wild and rowdy outlook at night, and the lifestyle becomes fanciful and high-flying.
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Nightlife in Hong Kong

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Nightlife in Hong Kong
Come evening and Hong Kong wears a completely new look. Tourists, after a long day of sightseeing, shopping and other activities, head towards the glittering network of pubs, bars, casinos, karaoke and nightclubs. Residents shed the burden of the day and dedicate the night for partying. Night Park in Tsim Sha Tsui is known for its dashing look. Visit Hongkong nightlife spots to get a glimpse of the night life of the city.

Entertainment options in the nights of Hong Kong are as follows :

Pubs and Bars
Hong Kong boasts some of the best pubs and bars in Asia, where one can chill out. Beer and alcohol from a myriad of countries make whole of Hong Kong a trendy nightlife area. Tourist and locals, both visit these bars for cool evening. Locals arrive for mental and physical after the day of hectic work, while tourists come with the view of sampling Hong Kong's delightful nightlife.

Almost all hotels and clubs have clubs. These clubs are the city's trendiest hangouts where DJs entertain the guests with latest hits. Be sure of a club's restrictions before entering it. Despite the availability of a plethora of clubs and bars, you should choose a club choosing your needs.

Hong Kong nightclubs can be segregated in two streams: Western and Chinese. While Western clubs take care of the needs of foreign tourists, there are of the Chinese variety to cater to the locals and Chinese. Both the versions work for full entertainment of their patrons.

Horse-tracks and pari-mutuel, only two types of gambling are legally allowed in Hong Kong. Tourists who desire to try their luck in gambling go to Macau, which is at 50-minute jetfoil ride away. Both the trip and the casions demand passports and the age limit is fixed. Dress code in Macau casions ranges from smart casual to formal.

The karaoke craze has inundated whole of Hong Kong, tantalising residents and tourists alike. Number of hotels, clubs, bars and restaurants have arranged for private rooms where people can assemble to sing songs. Some of these also employ a singer to sing with the customers.

Live Music
Live music is a standard feature of several hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars. The guests can entertain themselves listening to the live music. Piano tunes, latest pop and rock hits, as well as local favorites, can be heard in various nightlife spots. The live music of yesteryears or modern days can compel anyone to shake legs or tap hands.

Night Park
The glittering Night Park in Tsim Sha Tsui is thronged by people at nights. Dazzling neon lights give the Park a dashing look. People love to bathe in the light of the Park. You can indulge in activities like dining, watching movies and strolling. After lot of shopping, passing some hours in the Park is very relaxing.