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New Territories in Hong Kong - New Territories are evolving as a tourist hub by leaps and bounds. The place cares for tourists of every kind and taste, and this has played grand role in its success.
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New Territories in Hong Kong

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Sha Tin
New Territories is a tourist destination rapidly climbing the popularity charts. Shopping, cinemas, beach, nature, New Territories have something for every variety of tourist. Multiple recreation options pull New Territories ahead relentlessely. The place is particularly good for visitors who desire to pass their vacations in not-so-crowded places.

Well-known travel tourism destinations of New Territories are as given under:

Mai Po Marshes Nature Reserve
Mai Po Marshes Nature Reserve is the destination of migratory birds in Hong Kong. Birds resting here include ducks, shoreirds, gulls and several endangered species. One can visit the reserve only as a part of an organised tour. Touring the reserve would certainly be an exhilirating experience for the lovers of avian life.

Clear Water Bay
Most attractive region in the New Territories lies 25km east of Kowloon City Center. Its location, in the neighborhood of Kowloon mountain range, makes it a lucrative destination to pass an holiday. The bay has crystal clear waters as the name itself suggests, and tourists love to indulge in activities like swimming.

Sha Tin
Sha Tin is considered one of the fastest-growing towns in Hong Kong. Appropriate to its status, it provides variety of recreation options to the tourists. Sha Tin has acquired town status at fast pace. The place, where once rice paddies lied, has now tall-rises. Entertainment options include shopping mall, cinemas, musical fountain and designer boutiques.