Hong Kong
Hong Kong Natural Beauty - Hong Kong is more than glittering shopping malls and tall superstructures. Nature has gifted Hong Kong with exquisite gardens, parks, bays and beaches.
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Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Natural Beauty

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Famous Hong Kong mist
Mother Nature has gifted Hongkong with some exquisite gardens and beaches, which exercise persistent attraction on the tourists. Hong Kong Park, Victoria Park, Zoological & Biological Gardens, Repulse Bay, Turtle Cove Beach and Golden Beach are some more celebrated natural attractions of Hong Kong.

Bays and Beaches
Hongkong has several bays and beaches, thanks to a long coast interspersed by twists and turns. Mountainous landscape prevents large waves from reaching the shores, thus making these beaches nice for activities like swimming. Most beaches have all necessary facilities, enhancing their attraction for tourists. Repulse Bay, Deep Water Bay, Turtle Cove Beach, Golden Beach and Hung Shing Yeh Beach are some more known beaches of Hongkong. Mis of Hong Kong coasts is famous. To watch glittering skyscrapers of Hong Kong in the mist from vessels sailing in the sea is a coveted activity among the tourists.

Gardens & Parks
Fascinating landscape of Hong Kong enables it to offer several exquisite parks and gardens. They preserve the country's nature-gifted beauty and make the life of its residents better. Hong Kong parks have amazing variety of plants and they are profusely praised by the visitors for their beauty. Hong Kong Park, Victoria Park and Botanical Gardens are some prominent parks of Hongkong.