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Hong Kong Museums - Hong Kong, which has been under British and Chinese influences through different eras of history, has a slew of museums, greatly helpful in understanding the past of the place.
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Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Museums

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Hong Kong Museums
Museums are of immense value for the admirers of history and art. They are the gateways which take us to different periods of history and greatly help us to understand them. Prominent Hong Kong museums are as follows:

Dr. Sun Yat Sen Museum
Kom Tong Hall
7 Castle Road, Central District, Hong Kong

Dr Sun Yat-sen, a great revolutionary, is inseparable from Hong Kong, where he attended schools and nurtured his revolutionary ideas. Dr. Sun Yat Sen Museum is dedicated to him. Relics displayed in the museum include accessories from Dr. Sun's early years, imperial edict of Emperor Xuantong's abdication, Dr. Sun's inscription to Huang Xing and a declaratiopn of the election results of his provisional presidency.

The Museum is also admired for it's architecture. The facade of the top two floors is supported by the Greek-style granite columns surrounding the curved balconies.

Alexander Grantham Exhibition Gallery
Central Concourse
Quarry Bay Park, Hongkong

The Fireboat Alexander Grantham, the largest fireboat in the fleet of Hong Kong Fire Services Department was decommissioned in May, 2002 after its services for 49 years. Later, the boat was converted into the Fireboat Alexander Grantham Exhibition Gallery.

Alexander Grantham is a gleaming example of the local shipbuilding industry's achievements in the early 1950s. It not only demonstrates Hong Kong's sea salvage history of the past century but also shows the city's social evolution.

Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre
Kowloon Park, Haiphong Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hongkong

The two blocks, where the Museum sits today, were used for accommodating colonial British troops until 1967. . The historic military building has been formatted to suit the complexities of modern display and educational uses. The Heritage Centre holds a thematic exhibition gallery, lecture hall, educational activity room and reference library.

Hong Kong Museum of Art
10 Salisbury Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Museum of Art promotes Chinese cultural heritage, as well as local and international art in Hong Kong. The museum alters her display seasonly. It showcases mainly paintings, calligraphy and sculpture from Hong Kong, China and other parts of the world. It also displays some exquisite French paintings.

Hong Kong Museum Of History
100 Chatham Road South
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hongkong

Hong Kong Museum Of History is established with the objective of preserving Hong Kong's historical and cultural heritage. The Museum ensebllage includes the fields like natural history, archaeology, ethnography and local history.

The museum runs three branch museums:

» Hong Kong Museum
Coastal Defence, Shau Kei Wan
» Lei Cheng Uk Han Tomb Museum
Sham Shui Po

» Law Uk Folk Museum
Chai Wan.

Hong Kong Railway Museum
Tai Po, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Railway Museum is located at the site where the Old Tai Po Market Railway Station was built in 1913. The building is of indigenous Chinese architectural style, with several figurines bedecking the exterior. The Museum holds three carriages for public - a railroad pushcart, a passenger carriage used post-war as well as a diesel locomotive named 'Sir Alexander' which was introduced in Hongkong in 1955.