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Macau Travel- Casinos have become synonymous to Macau, which is also known for its exotic nightlife and delicious cuisine. Macau has been under various cultural influences which make themselves apparent in its lifestyle.
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A Macau entertainment hub
Macau can be called the casino capital of Asia. It is said that nine of ten Chinese tourists go to Macau for enjoying themselves. Macau has come under the influence of several races, specialy Portuguese, and this shows in its culture. Gambling has become the lifestyle of Macau, which also serves tourists with its nightlife, shopping and cuisine. Macau is loved by the tourists as an entertainment destination.

Travel destinations of Macau are as follows:

Macau is known as 'Oriental Las Vegas'. Macau is known for grand casinos, many of which are themed, and gambling industry is enjoying upsurge. Some casinos are open even for 24 hours. Macau casinos are distinct for their peaceful atmosphere. Several hotels also run casinos for most of the tourists in Macau arrive for the purpose.

Macau never sleeps. Wildlife and rowdy, Macau is always a great fun. Few travellers in Hong Kong miss travelling to Macau. Equipped with an array of entertainment options, Macau continually lures national and international tourists. There is no dearth of glittering discotheques, which are always brimming with the lovers of peppy atmosphere. Macau night life is world-famous for its variety, loudness and cosmopolitan character. Facilities like bars, shops and restaurants are open all night long.

Live music has plenty of variety. European, Latin American, African, almost every type of music is available in Macau bars, pubs and coffee shops. Night show performances are hugely appreciated by the visitor. Effulgent lights and modern sound systems increase the attraction of these performances manifold.

Food and entertainment go together in Macau. Arrival of people from plenty of cultures ensures that variety of cuisines are available in Macau. Thai, Indian, European, Japanese, Malay, Chinese, Korean, Peranakan, Indonesian cuisines compete with one another for ignite the taste buds.

Portugal dishes are very popular in Macau. Traditional Portuguese dishes include bacalhau, the country's beloved cod, served baked, grilled, stewed or boiled; oxtail and ox breast; rabbit prepared in various delicious ways; and soups such as caldo verde. The Portuguese learnt to use spices in India and Africa. They liked and carried the recipe wherever they went. This is visible in Macau where popular dishes are baked with chillies and peppers. Portuguese red and white wines are available in comparatively low prices.

Macau is ever ready to serve the visitor. Its status as a free port makes it very good for the shoppers. The place is nice for purchasing luxury items which are comparatively cheap. Watches, clothing and electronic items are also widely purchased. Chinese antiques and porcelain items can act as perfect souvenirs. Those who are fond of bargain shopping can find the activity full of fun. Macau is ever ready to assist Hongkong as a shopping centre.

Historical Legacy
Macau came within the fold of Chinese sovereignty in December 1999 after 400 years of Portuguese colonial rule. The churches, cobblestone streets, and pastel buildings remind us of Macau's colonial past. Cheek-by-jowl are the modern high-rises. Christian and Chinese festivals, both are celebrated with enthusiasm. Kun Lam Temple, A-Ma Temple and Lin Fong (Lotus) Temple are invaluable for historical legacy of Macau. Guia Fortress and Lighthouse and Monte Fort remind us of the trading past of the place. Maritime Museum tells us about the story of water travel in Asia while Taipa House Museum discovers Portuguese legacy.