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Lion Dance in Hong Kong - Hong Kong is a society with traditional roots soaked in modernity. People lead a modern lifestyle, yet their cultural leanings are obvious.
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Lion Dance in Hong Kong

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Lion Dance
Lion dance is an intriguing dance in Chinese culture and Hong Kong, in which performers mimic the beast's movements in a lion costume. Lion dance can be witnessed mainly on festive occasions. It is thought to bring good luck on the people witnessing the ceremony.

Hoi Gong/Dian Jing Tradition
A brand new lion is not introduced without observing Hoi Gong/Dian Jing tradition. The objective of the tradition is to awaken the spirit of the new lion. People believe that without the ceremony, the Lion Dance would bring bad luck and misfortune.

The new lion is put in front of an ancestral, Buddhist or Taoist altar or shrine. A specially designated person is tasked with dotting the eyes of the beast. Thereafter, ears, mouth and rest of the body is blessed.

Northern and Southern Styles
A northern style lion has long shaggy hair, yellow skin, and either a red bow or a green bow on the head. The bow represents its gender. Acrobatics are common. Often, northern variety lions appear as a family, with two large lions and a pair of cubs.

Southern lion has more colorful body and shorter fur, when compared with the Northern lion. It demonstrates powerful moves and punches. Fut San is a variety of Southern Style, adopted by several Kung Fu schools.