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Hong Kong Travel Agents - Travel Agents in Hong Kong can greatly help you in extracting the most out of your holidays. Several registered travel operators/agents operate in Hongkong to ensure a comfortable tour for you.
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Hong Kong

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Hong Kong
Any person or organisation working in Hong Kong as a travel agent, tour operator or travel agency is governed by Travel Agents Ordinance. It is imperative for him obtain a licence from the Registrar of Travel Agents. He has to be member of the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong (TIC). Travel agents are duty bound by the TIC's codes of conduct and directives.

As per Travel Agents Ordinance, a travel agent can be categorised as an inbound travel agent and an outbound travel agent.

Any person not satisfied with the services of the travel operators can complain to the Consumer Relations Department of the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong (TIC). Complaint form and complaint handling procedures can be downloaded from TIC's homepage.

Travel Agent Tips
» Do remember only to patronise a licensed travel operator.
» Don’t fail to obtain a receipt for your payments.
» Keep the original receipts at home or with any relative, and travel with a photocopy.
» Don’t hesitate to report the irregularities of the travel to the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong.