Hong Kong
Hong Kong Travel Guide - Hong Kong, dotted with tourist destinations evoking deep interest in the tourists, is a must-visit once in a life time. A virtual tour of these places which are ever ready to entertain the visitors.
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Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Travel Guide

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Fascinating Hong Kong
Hong Kong attracts millions of tourists every year due to its famous tourist attractions. Hong Kong offers excellent with a rich experience of culture and heritage. Take a day or night tour, cruise the harbour or visit outlying islands to enjoy nature at its best. Know the best time to visit Hong Kong, its climate, staying options, cuisines and transportation system in the city. The Hong Kong city is famous for unmatched shopping centres, temples and quiet parks that can not stop tourists from feeling apprehensive about being reunited with the motherland.

Hong Kong Island
Every single adjective may find itself uncapable of describing Hong Kong Island. Once a rocky landscape, the Island has become a prime destination of the tourists not only in the region but the planet. The island showcases before the world the amazing territories science has conquered.

Kowloon, a part of modern day Hong Kong, refers to the collective strength of Kowloon Peninsula and New Kowloon. It is literally translated as nine dragons. Today, Kowloon holds an array of avant garde shopping malls, which are always brimming with the visitors.

New Territories
Mai Po Marshes Nature Reserve is the destination of migratory birds in Hongkong. Birds resting here include ducks, shoreirds, gulls and several endangered species. One can visit the reserve only as a part of an organised tour. Touring the reserve would certainly be an exhilirating experience for the lovers of avian life.

Outlying Islands
Lamma, praised for beautiful verdant hills and impressive bays, is the third largest of the outlying islands. The main occupation of people residing here is fishing. Its tranquility is loved by the people who come here to pass some soothing time in Po Lin Monastery, and eat some extremely delicious vegetarian food. Lantau Island, the largest outlying island in Hongkong hosts Disneyland, the ultra-modern theme park.