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Hong Kong Beaches- Undulating coastline of Hong Kong has a plethora of bays and beaches, which are very nice for sports activities. These beaches provide all necessary facilities to the tourists.
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Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Beaches

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Hong Kong - Beaches
Hong Kong has several bays and beaches, thanks to a long coast interspersed by twists and turns. Mountainous landscape prevents large waves from reaching the shores, thus making these beaches nice for activities like swimming. Most beaches have all necessary facilities, enhancing their attraction for tourists.

Repulse Bay
Repulse Bay or Repulse Beach, which is the most spectacular beach in Hong Kong, is easily accessible by bus or taxi from Central District. The large, sandy beach is constantly pampered by clear azure water. Several facilities have been developed on the beach for the visitors. Today, it is visited by the tourists for dining, relaxation, and water sports activities.

Origin of the beach name is a 19th century battle in which the British army repulsed pirates on onslaught.

Deep Water Bay
Deep Water Bay is connected by a pathway, Marechiato Seaview Promenade, to the Repulse Bay Beach. The water quality is fair and there is a refreshment kiosk as well as barbecue area near the beach. A golf course in the vicinity of the beach enhances the entertainment option on the beach.

Turtle Cove Beach
Turtle Cove Beach, located at the west of Tai Tam Reservoir, is also called a baby beach since it is less than 70 meters long. It is ideal for those who want to pass their time in solitude. It is equipped with necessary facilities like changing rooms, toilets and showers. A small playground, a soft drinks kiosk and few barbecue pits are also there.

Golden Beach
Golden Beach, located on Castle Peak Road in the New Territories, is the first artificial beach in Hongkong, with the length of more than a half kilometers. Water quality is fair and it has facilities like refreshment kiosks, a hotel and a shopping mall. It also has a volleyball court, which is occasionally visited by Hongkong Beach Volleyball Team.

Hung Shing Yeh Beach
Hung Shing Yeh Beach, a nice beach on Lamma Island, has sand like very fine powder. The water is clean and it also enjoys necessary tourist facilities like changing room, shower, refreshment kiosk and barbecue area. Do remember that transport facilities are not available on Lamma Island. For having a tour there, take a ferry from Central District to Yung Shue Wan and then walk for approximate 20 minutes.