Hong Kong
Hong Kong Heritage - Visit Hong Kong if you desire to see fantastic fusion of Chinese and British cultural influences. Hong Kong has been associated with either of these two countries in history and the cultural impact is natural.
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Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Heritage

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Hong Kong Heritage
Hong Kong has come under profound Chinese and British cultural influences, which are apparent in the heritage Hong Kong preserves. Various branches of this heritage such as history, monuments, museums and architecture carry these predominant cultural streams.

Lack of space has given its own space to Hong Kong architecture. The British and Chinese styles of architecture have had their impact on Hongkong. Eastern and western ways have come together to create the architecture of modern Hong Kong.

Arts & Crafts
Creative development of arts and crafts is best reflected in arts and crafts. Chinese mainland is the most important source behind Hongkong arts. Several department stores host ancient Chinese arts and crafts and the people can purchase the articles of their choice easily.

Hong Kong remained as an English colony for a century. It returned to China on July 1, 1997. The event, known as the Handover, was celebrated with great zeal all over Hong Kong. The ceremony was held in HK Convention and Exhibition Centre and was attended was number of disnitaries.

Hong Kong is famous for its remarkable fusion of two remote worlds, two way of thoughts. Hong Kong tells the story of battles and friendship. Story of an island which transformed as a lifestyle hub and major trading centre from a land from anonymity. The island has now become an epitome of development.

Hong Kong was under the Chinese rule for 5000 plus years. The British also ruled it for approximate 150 years. Hongkong, land of fantastic fusion, hosts monuments impressed by both civilisations. These museums tell a lot about the history of the country.

Lovers of art and history accord great importance to museums. These gateways transport us to various eras of history and help us to gain in-depth knowledge about them. These museums never cease to attract people who desire to gain insight into past.