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Hong Kong Festivals - Hong Kong blends eastern and western cultures in fascinating style. Chinese roots of the island make the festivals celebrated in mainland China popular in Hong Kong too.
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Dragon Festival in Hong Kong
Major chunk of the Hong Kong populace is of Chinese origin, which makes festivals associated with mainland China popular in Hong Kong too. The people of Hong Kong celebrate these festivals with zeal and vivacity. Here is concise information about the festivals in Hong Kong.

Chinese New Year
Chinese Lunar New Year, the most popular of all the Hong Kong festivals, takes the island by storm. Whole Hong Kong is immersed in festivities on this occasion. Streets are illuminated by firework displays. Parades and lion or dragon dances fill the alleys with gaeity. The skyscrapers look even more gorgeous and temples are thronged by the worshippers.

Several shops close for two to three days on the festivity. Many hold sales with prices being cut to even 50%.

Spring Lantern Festival
Spring Lantern or Yuen Siu Festival, which is also known as Chinese Valentine's Day, is celebrated on the 15th day of Lunar New Year. Colorful lanterns in conventional designs are used to adorn houses, markets, hotels, restaurants and parks. Special evening celebrations are the marked feature this festival in Ko Shan Road Park in Kowloon.

Ching Ming Festival
Ching Ming Festival is called by several names like Grave Sweeping, Spring Remembrance, and Remembrance of Ancestors Day. Meaning of Ching Ming in the local language is 'clear and bright', and it is the day when Chinese families express their regard for their ancestors by visiting their graves. They clear away the graves, and offer wine, money and fruits.

Birthday of Tin Hau
Tin Hau, the Goddess of the Sea, is highly regarded by the people of Hong Kong. Birthday of the Goddess is celebrated to bring safety and prosperity in the lives of those who risk their lives by venturing into the sea to earn livelihood for their families. Sea-goers decorate their boats and sing praises of the Goddess for past protection. They also visit temples of the Goddess.

Birthday of Lord Buddha
Birthday of Lord Buddha is celebrated in Hong Kong with deep faith. Lord Buddha's idols are bathed by his followers. People congregate in temples and monasteries. World's largest, seated, outdoor bronze Buddha enhances the grace of Po Lin Monastery in Lantau Island. The monastery is the centre of activities on the day.

Dragon Boat Festival
Dragon Boat, or Tuen Ng Festival, is known for race of fierce dragon boats. Elaborately decorated boats, each carrying a crew of 20-25 paddlers, race in a lively way, to the beat of drums.

The festival is celebrated in remembrance of a Chinese hero, Qu Yuan. He drowned in the Mi Lo River more than 2000 years ago protesting repressive rulers.

Maidens Festival/Seven Sisters Festival
Maidens Festival or Seven Sisters Festival is extremely popular among the young of Hongkong. The festival finds its roots in an ancient Chinese legend about the Jade Emperor and his seven daughters. Young women and girls offer fruit and burn incense and joss sticks in the open air.

Mid-Autumn Festival
This spectacular festival of Hongkong is celebrated in open spaces with bedecked lanterns, which come in variety of color. A special dish 'Moon Cake', made of ground lotus and sesame seed paste, egg-yolk and other ingredients, is savored during this festival. Victoria Park is the destination to visit on this night.

Winter Solstice / Dong Zhi
Dong Zhi Festival or Winter Solstice, celebrated on the longest night of the year, is known for its fanfare. People put on new clothes and give gifts to one another. Families reunite on the celebration and it becomes an opportunity for collective festivity. The people celebrate this festival with the sense of optimism.