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Dragon Dance in Hong Kong- Hong Kong is a society with traditional roots soaked in modernity. People lead a modern lifestyle, yet their cultural leanings are obvious.
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Dragon Dance
Dragon dance is an intriguing traditional dance in Chinese culture. Usually depicted as a long, serpentine creature with numerous claws, it has long symbolised auspicious power in folklore and art of China.

The Dance
A group of dancers carry the dragon which is usually massive in size. Many dragons have animated features controlled by a dancer. The group mimics the supposed movements of legendary Chinese dragons represented by the huge dragon they carry. They jump, run, dip, lift, thrust, swerve and sweep the dragon body, making it a very intriguing sight.

Dancers are accompanied by the musicians who play conventional Chinese musical instruments like cymbals and drums.

Chinese New Year
No Chinese New Year in Hongkong is celebrated without a dragon dance. Chinatowns are there all around the world and thus, the dragon too becomes ubiquitous. The locals collect money which is used for making elaborate dragons. Watching dragon dance in a Chinese New Year is an experience tourists relish.

Fire Dragon
The custom of Fire Dragon Dance is followed by the inhabitants of Tai Hang, located on Causeway Bay. The Dragon here is more than 65 meters in length. Even the weight of its tail exceeds 20 kg. More than 50 people are involved in operating the mammoth dragon. The locals believe that the Fire Dragon dance would bring them fortune and luck to fight disease.

Dragon Boat Festival
Dragon Boat, or Tuen Ng Festival, is known for race of fierce-looking dragon boats. Elaborately adorned boats, each carrying a crew of 20-25 paddlers, race in a lively way, to the beat of drums. racing in a lively, vibrant spectacle.

The festival is celebrated to remember a Chinese hero, Qu Yuan. He drowned in the Mi Lo River more than 2000 years ago protesting oppressive rulers.