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Hong Kong Arts & Crafts - Plethora of traditional arts and crafts, which are perfect choice as souvenir items, are easily available in Hong Kong. Root of arts and crafts traditions in Thailand lies in mainland China.
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Hong Kong
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Hong Kong Arts & Crafts

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Hong Kong Arts & Crafts
Arts and crafts reflect the creative evolution in Hong Kong. Major source behind Hong Kong arts and crafts is mainland China. Ancient Chinese arts and crafts are widely available in several department stores and retailers in regions like Wan Chai, Kowloon, and Hong Kong Island.

Popular Items
Traditional arts and crafts items easily available in Hongkong are porcelain, brocade, embroidery, jade products, carpets as well as wood, bamboo and ivory carvings. Silk Route of old days has left its impressions on China and Hong Kong. Silk Route was the medium of the international trade in China, of which embroidery and brocade were the main parts.

Fashionable Crafts
New crafts from China and Hong Kong have climbed up the popularity chart. Example of these crafts are artificial decorative flowers made in brocade, feather, silk, paper, plastic and synthetics. Miniature paintings on items like tree barks, deer horns and shells are taken home by most tourists.

Hongkong makes all types of Asian arts, crafts and antiques available. Valuable antiques, embroidery, silk garments etc are provided by Hong Kong shops, which take care of all types of formalities. It is advisable that you take an expert's advise and also take stock of customs duty regulations before your buy anything.