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Aberdeen in Hong Kong - The energetic waterfront harbour resort, known for floating restaurants, puts before the tourists wonderful amalgamation of conventional lifestyle and modernity.
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Aberdeen in Hong Kong

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Aberdeen Harbour
Aberdeen, the largest satellite town of Hong Kong city, is a vibrant waterfront harbour resort. It is unique in the sense that it puts forward the traditional lifestyle and modernity on a single platter. Floating restaurants are highly acclaimed features of this tourist centre, which is one of Hong Kong's oldest and most popular tour attraction.

Traditional Fishing Life
Conventional lifestyle still prevails in Aberdeen. Aberdeen harbour preserves the features of a fishing port. Fishing boats, equipped with traditional sampans, shuttle back and forth. Fishermen are busy arranging for their bread and butter. Visitors can cruise around the fishing port on a boat. However, they are advised to negotiate the price with the owner before boarding. People who have passed most of their life on dry lands would find fishing life of Aberdeen very intriguing.

Floating Restaurants
Aberdeen in Hong Kong, also known as a resort, arranges for delicious seafood. Particularly two lucrative floating restaurants 'Jumbo Floating Restaurant' and 'Tai Bak Seafood Boat' in Aberdeen resort constantly attract the visitors. These restaurants are anchored in the harbor. Visitors can travel to the restaurants by taking a free shuttle. They can enjoy delicious seafood as well as other culinary delights in these restaurants.

Jumbo Kingdom
Jumbo Kingdom in Aberdeen is known for its arresting design, decorative lights and restaurant. Its design seems to be borrowed from the imperial palace of ancient China. The restaurant has been the international celebrities' haunt for years. All kinds of gastrnomical delights, especially Chinese cuisine can be enjoyed here.

Aberdeen harbor of today is a modern town with the population of about sixty thousand. Two centuries ago, it was a haunt of pirates. Later, it transformed into a simple fishing village. In recent years, it has evolved into a modern town, with high-rise buildings and entertainment facilities. Yet it maintains its old world charm which fascinates the tourists.

Aberdeen is located in the Southern District of Hong Kong island. Aberdeen harbour lies between Aberdeen town and Ap Lei Chau.